Lynx has a new look and more to offer. If you haven’t had a chance, please review our website. It highlights our offerings, our strong historical track record, and comments from many delighted clients. Already, a number of you have reached out to let us know you like the new look. If you haven’t seen it, please take a minute to browse.

Our Three Pillar Approach
Our foundation, central pillar, is support of Yardi software and its users.  To this aim we offer a full array of services to support this central pillar.

To complement our Yardi services and further assist our clients we have two other support pillars: Technology Services and Accounting Services.



Custom Software Development
Do you have gaps in your system processes that lead to lost time and don’t have an obvious fix? Take a moment to look at some of our client success stories. We excel at working with new or existing systems to ensure the best, most cost-effective solution possible. Our experienced team has developed a knack for developing customizations, new reports and additional databases to supplement the core system.

One example of our work that has proven to be popular is the integration of banking services to other systems. Through this offering you can save time and reduce errors by removing unreliable manual inputting. We can also help to ensure proper practices are followed for areas such as: security setup and separation of responsibilities, resulting in a safe and worry-free approach to these day to day banking operations.

We can help in many areas such as: eliminating mistakes between systems, ensuring one version of the truth; and increasing visibility with customers, owners and tenants through websites and portals using Lynx automation, integration, or custom portal/website services.


Yardi Managed Services
Struggling to find qualified help? Overwhelmed by new projects? You can now leverage the vast experience at Lynx – many of our staff are CPAs, many have decades of experience in Yardi and property management. By using Lynx Systems to handle accounting needs, you will have the right back office.

It’s simple, one monthly fee provides the Yardi client with as much service as needed including: accounting services, custom reports, IT Support, Help Desk, Property On-boarding, integrations and more.


Yardi Implementation and Training
There’s a lot to do when getting a new system up and running to capacity. Current staff is busy and ensuring everything is done correctly and effectively can be overwhelming.  Lynx is here to help with set up from lease abstracting, recoveries set up and more.

Training of staff goes hand-in-hand with the implementation.  Once up and running, you’ll need a staff that can take over and understand the new software. We can offer individual or group training sessions to ensure that staff is ready, and that the company benefits from the comprehensive Yardi system.

Yardi Help Desk
Our Yardi Help Desk offers the support needed. Our team of specialist use a case tracking system so that you can be comfortable and focus efforts on core operations. It includes a turn-key approach to bank integrations and new property start-ups, including configuration, data entry, training, and ongoing support. With Lynx Systems’ Help Desk Solution, we support expanding and changing business needs from setup to support, and everything in between.

Please take the time to review our site. One final note, we also help clients develop their web sites, and integrate them to their Yardi System.