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We work with the client to define their long-range business objectives for systems that are required to meet the operational, accounting and reporting needs of the company. Our main objective is to manage corporate expectations from new systems and ensure that sufficient internal and financial resources are committed to the project. We have found that most companies need to plan for a three phased, multi-year approach and provide funding for more than the core Yardi accounting systems, if they wish to truly transform how their company uses automation effectively. We often do comparisons of operational practices against industry peer groups.

Lynx Systems has had vast experience with the major software vendors such as Yardi. These products are very comprehensive and many property management companies find it difficult to effectively evaluate the extensive lists of available features. We are uniquely positioned to assist with matching your requirements to the offerings of the various vendors and will complete a “Needs-Features Comparison” of other products to ensure that you acquire the best system for your organization. In addition, we are well versed in the strengths, weaknesses, and pricing of each vendor’s solution.

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