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Lynx Systems has the depth of experience which allows us to provide insight into industry trends, leading practices and solutions. We will partner with you to assess your present IT operations and technology, and determine the value of the newest innovations to your organization. At Lynx, we know the best that’s available and will work with you to ensure that you have the right software and strategies to meet the new global reality while saving you time. Innovation through new technologies and maximizing the effectiveness of the existing systems has always been a format for success within the Real Estate industry.

Real Estate Development and Property Management companies are facing significant challenges in an increasingly volatile world. Underlying operating models are changing as a result of increased M&A activity, expansion of new product offerings, and a new global reality. Political and economic fluctuations combined with international expansion opportunities highlight the need for state-of-the-art technologies. Many Real Estate organizations, however, are limited by both the time and costs associated with a comprehensive search and analysis required for finding the best solutions. The team at Lynx can do the work for you.  Yardi consultant

About Lynx

Lynx Systems Inc. was founded by Real Estate industry professionals and is dedicated to improving the use of information technology to meet strategic business objectives.

Our team members have had years of hands-on experience with property management software and have a true “nuts and bolts” knowledge of the software available and the industry at large. Our true value, however, comes from our in depth understanding of your business, the market dynamics behind it, the best strategies that have been used in the industry and state of the art technology solutions that can maximize your business potential. Our consultants can make things happen, quickly and efficiently, while removing the stress and risk for your company.

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